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Are you facing academic probation or suspension from school? Advice from an attorney for students.

On Behalf of | May 30, 2018

College can be a big adjustment. Leaving the comfort of home and facing the demands of college can cause some student’s grades to fall. Universities have GPA requirements for students to remain enrolled. What happens if you slip below your colleges GPA cutoff? You can be placed on academic probation and then one more bad semester can lead to an academic suspension. What should you do if you are facing an academic probation or suspension? Read on for advice from an attorney for university students.

What is academic probation?

Students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement can be placed on academic probation. The minimum GPA requirements vary depending on your university and program major. GPA requirements can be found in your colleges student handbook.

Can I appeal academic probation?

That depends on the policies of your university. Check your student handbook for the academic probation process and any appeal options.

Examples of academic probation appeal content

I recommend highlighting any extenuating circumstances that may have impacted your academic performance. Some include: death in the family, illness, caring for a sick or injured family member, undiagnosed learning disability or undiagnosed mental illness. These are just a few challenges that a student should raise in an appeal if they experienced them. Not only should you discuss the special circumstance but also discuss how it will not impact your academic performance going forward.

I did not meet academic probation guidelines and have been suspended for a semester. What now?

If you have been suspended for academic reasons, you must appeal the suspension if your university has a process. I always advise students to take any chance they have at fighting a suspension from school.

Examples of academic suspension appeal content

As stated above, you should highlight any unusual events that impacted your academic performance. Also, write about the personal changes you have made to ensure you will not face any further issues.

Where can I find an example of an academic suspension appeal?

There are many examples online, but the formatting of each suspension appeal is unique. Each student has a different set of issues that lead to academic suspension. Regarding formatting, when I write student appeals, I always follow a sequential format that tells the student’s story in a clear and logical way.

Can an academic probation and suspension appeal attorney help me?

Yes. Writing university probation or suspension appeals can be challenging. Students are often very upset and may have a difficult time setting forth arguments that will win them the appeal. When faced with being suspended from college, I always recommend using all resources to win, including a lawyer. As a university appeal attorney, I take pride in writing the best possible student appeals. By reviewing the students entire record up to the probation or suspension, I search for any information that could support the student. Spotting for facts and issues that could win the appeal is a specialized skill, one not suited for all attorneys. It takes a lawyer with extensive appeal experience.

Can you help all university students that need an academic probation or suspension appeal?

Yes. I help students all over the country facing academic probation or suspension from college. Working with a university appeal attorney will give a student the best chance at success.

Fight for your academic and professional future.

Richard Asselta is an award-winning university appeal attorney. He works with students all over the country facing academic probation and suspension. Call today for a free consultation and start building your academic defense.855-338-5299 Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard on AVVO, an attorney review website.