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What Do You Say At An Expulsion Hearing? Student Defense Lawyer Tips.

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2018

You made a mistake and violated the student code of conduct in school. Any time a school wants to expel a student, an expulsion hearing must be held. What do you say at an expulsion hearing? How do you build a defense to fight being expelled from school? Read on for tips from a defense lawyer for students.

What should a student do when they find out the school is trying to expel them?

Read the student handbook and pay close attention to the student expulsion procedure section. This is where you will find information that tells you exactly what time frames you must follow and what steps there are in the school expulsion process.

What arguments should I make to fight being expelled from school?

When I help students fight an expulsion, I always look at procedural violations first. By this I mean, did the school follow its own policies regarding student discipline? I want to know if the student was given notice of expulsion on time and did the school give the student the chance to go through any initial processes prior to expulsion. If not, you must bring this up in your expulsion hearing.After procedural violations, you need to make arguments that directly target your violation. You should also bring up your history as a student if you have never been in trouble before.

What should I say in an expulsion hearing?

Your exact arguments depend on what your violation is. Either way, you must be clear and make sure your arguments make sense. You should also keep in mind that an expulsion hearing is held in front of a panel of people. It may be helpful to rehearse your statement and arguments so that you come off natural and confident. Another tip is if you are bringing documents to show the panel, bring copies for each person to have if necessary. The expulsion hearing is the last chance for students to make their plea to stay in school.

Will I be questioned at an expulsion hearing?

Yes. The panel members can ask you and any other witnesses questions. Be prepared and make sure you have looked at your arguments from every angle.

What happens if I lose the expulsion hearing and get expelled from school?

If you lose the expulsion hearing, you get a chance to appeal the decision. I advise students to be prepared to win the expulsion hearing because it is difficult to win an appeal. I additionally recommend that a school expulsion attorney be involved as early as possible in the process.

Recommendations from an experienced school expulsion attorney

Hire a lawyer experienced with school expulsions immediately

Being expelled from school has time frames and deadlines associated with the procedure. The quicker an experienced expulsion lawyer is involved, the better. A lawyer may even be able to negotiate a reduced punishment based on the student’s situation.

Bring an experienced lawyer for students to the school expulsion hearing

Having a lawyer in a school expulsion hearing can send a message to the hearing panel. The message can be how serious you are about staying in school or that there is another person watching that the policy and procedural guidelines are followed, to name a few. Schools may be more open to reducing or eliminating an expulsion if a lawyer is present.

National Student Expulsion Defense

I assist students in schools and universities all over the country fight expulsions. Remember – the school expulsion process is time limited meaning you only have a few days to build your defense. Act quickly to avoid being expelled from school. Call me today for a free consultation and start building your defense. 855-338-5299Richard Asselta is an award-winning school expulsion attorney with experience defending students in expulsion hearings and appealing school expulsions. Click here to read about how to appeal a school expulsion. Click here for more information on academic misconduct hearings and appeals. Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard on AVVO, a lawyer review website.