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Facing expulsion from a private school? Advice from a school expulsion attorney

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2018

An expulsion from school can be disastrous for a student’s future. It can ruin a student’s chance at educational success for years. When a parent pays tuition to a private school, parents trust that their child will receive specialized attention and an individualized education.What happens when that trust is broken, and a private school expels a student? Read on for the answer from a private school expulsion attorney. For information regarding college expulsion defense click here. For public K-12 school expulsion help click here.

The school just told me to come pick up my child and that they are no longer welcome to attend their private school. Can a private school do this?

Whether or not a private school can expel a student without a hearing depends on the school contract. You need to read the student handbook and school contract to see what the procedure for expulsion is.

I don’t think what my child did meets the criteria for expulsion from school. What can I do?

Private schools have a lot of independence when it comes to assigning discipline. Even if the student was never in trouble before, or committed a minor infraction, the school may still be able to ask them to leave.

Can I fight the expulsion from my child’s private school?

Whether you can fight a private school expulsion depends on the procedures outlined by the individual school. Each school can make up their own rules that deal with student discipline. These procedures are in the student handbook under the discipline section.If a school has no procedure to appeal an expulsion, I always recommend trying one last final plea to the school. Sometimes tempers settle, and bad feelings may subside. A quick judgement to expel a student may be reversed if a little time passes and each side cools off. Parents sometimes make the mistake of immediately threatening the private school with legal action. I would not recommend doing this and instead, at first, try to stay calm.

Can I bring a school expulsion attorney with me to a private school expulsion meeting?

Whether you can bring a lawyer with you to an expulsion meeting depends on what the school will allow. You must ask school administration if a lawyer can attend. If allowed, I always recommend bringing a lawyer to school expulsion meetings to advocate on the student’s behalf. An experienced private school expulsion lawyer will work hard prior to the hearing preparing a defense to make the best possible presentation at the school meeting. You only get one chance to put forth your defense. It must be your best.

Can a private school keep my tuition money if my child is expelled?

The answer to this is surprising – yes. Most tuition agreements state that if a child is expelled from school, the parents are still responsible for the costs. This means that if your family prepaid tuition for the school year, the school can keep it. If your family makes payments, the school will still bill you. If you don’t pay – they will send you to collections.

Can I fight for my tuition money back or stop paying the tuition?

You should always try. I have had some success recovering tuition money for families. I have also seen schools flat out say no, leaving a family on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars. The tuition contracts are usually written clearly and against the student’s family. If you can show that the school wrongfully expelled the student, or broke the contract with you first, this could be an argument as to why you should not be responsible for the remaining tuition. Remember – being expelled from school is time sensitive. You only have a few days to prepare a defense. Act quickly to avoid being expelled from school and losing thousands in tuition.Richard Asselta is an award-winning school expulsion attorney with experience defending students in expulsion hearings and appealing school expulsions. Call today for a free consultation and start building your defense. 754-701-7014 Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard on AVVO, a lawyer review website.