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Caught having someone else sit for your college exam? Defense tips from a lawyer for college students.

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2018

College has been a challenge and you need to get a good grade on the next exam to pass the class. Your friend offers to take the test for you. Since a teacher’s assistant (TA) proctors the professor’s exam, you agree. Your friend goes to your class and gets caught taking your test. You are now facing an academic integrity charge with the possibility of suspension or expulsion from school. Read on for advice from a lawyer for college students.

How do I defend getting caught having someone else take my exam?

The defense strategy depends on the fact of your case. Getting caught cheating in this way can be tough to defend. You need to be strategic and careful about what you say.

What if I was absent and didn’t know someone took my test?

That could be a defense, but there are a few issues with making that claim.

The professor didn’t know someone else took my exam, but they think I cheated somehow.

If you scored way outside of your typical grade range, it could raise some questions. The professor may think you cheated on the exam.

What will happen if I was caught having someone else take my test?

The honor code violation will be referred to the academic integrity office and an investigation will begin. During the investigation, a staff member will review the evidence gathered by the teacher and ask the student for any evidence they have. After the investigation is complete, a disciplinary sanction will be recommended. This can range from an F on the assignment or up to a suspension or expulsion from school.

Recommendations from an experienced an attorney for college students

Hire an experienced lawyer for college students to help you build a defense or negotiate a lower sanction. There are ways to defend an accusation of having someone else take your class exam. A lawyer experienced with defending college students can help fight the honor code violation and assist the student in reaching a successful outcome.

Can you help all college students accused of a honor code violation?

Yes. I help students all over the United States fight accusations of academic integrity violations. Think about hiring an experienced lawyer to guide you through the defense process. Act fast though, the sooner an experienced college defense lawyer is involved, the greater your chance at success. Richard Asselta is an award-winning attorney who defends students against academic dishonesty charges throughout the United States. Call Asselta Law for a free consultation and start building your defense today. 855-338-5299 Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard Asselta on AVVO, a lawyer review website.