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Accused of having someone else take your online class or an online test? Defense tips from an attorney for online students.

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2018

You struggled in school and couldn’t get a good grade on an assignment, quiz, or test. Faced with getting a bad grade in class, you make a decision – you pay someone, pay a company, or ask a friend to do the online class. They accept your offer and complete the online work. Suddenly, the teacher wants to meet. They are accusing you of having someone else do work for your online class. What should you do? Read on for cheating defense tips from an attorney for online students.

Can I have someone else do work in my online class?

No. Schools view paying someone or even having a friend help you in your online class cheating.

The company who advertised doing my online class said it was not cheating.

Even though they call the people completing your work “tutors,” schools still consider it cheating. The school honor code is clear and the language regarding assignments, test, and quizzes most likely refers to all submitted work needing to be produced by the student. Using a service to do your work or having a friend help you can be considered a violation of the school’s honor code.

What will happen if I was caught having someone else do my online class?

The teacher will likely refer the situation to the academic integrity office. It is the job of the academic integrity office to investigate the cheating allegation. They will gather evidence and ask for your side of the story. If the academic integrity investigation shows there is evidence that cheating occurred, the student will have two options. They are as follows:Tell the truth and accept the consequences

Consequences for a cheating violation could be as minor as a letter of reprimand up to a suspension or expulsion from the program.

Fight the cheating charge

If a student chooses to defend against the charge of cheating, this means they will appear before an academic integrity panel. This panel will hear both sides – the teachers evidence and your defense against the evidence.

I am being falsely accused of having someone else do work in my online class. What should I do?

False accusations can happen, and it is terrifying for a student facing a false cheating allegation. There are several reasons a student can be falsely accused of having someone complete work in an online class. The most common one? Unusual IP address logons to your online class under your username. Schools often look for IP addresses that are not near a student’s residence, in another state, or even in another country. There are defenses to this, but it requires a student to fight the cheating charge.

Recommendations from an experienced an attorney for online students

Hire a lawyer to help you defend yourself in the student disciplinary process. There are defenses for students accused of having someone else do their online class depending on the facts of the case. An attorney experienced in defending online students can help by creating a solid defense and even discredit the evidence used by the school. Online students can be at a disadvantage since they are a distance from the actual school. Having an expert help them fight the cheating charge can lead to a successful outcome.

Can you help all online students accused of cheating?

Yes. I help online students all over the United States fight accusations of cheating. Don’t take too much time to start building your defense. A well planned defense takes time. The faster an attorney for online students is involved, the greater your chance at success. Richard Asselta is an award-winning attorney who defends online students against academic dishonesty charges throughout the United States. Call Asselta Law today for a free consultation and start building your defense today.855-338-5299Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard Asselta on AVVO, a lawyer review website.