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Accused of cheating on a test? Tips for building a defense.

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018

Did you take an exam in school and the teacher thought you cheated? You are not alone. Every day students are accused of cheating on tests in schools. Whether it be a K-12 school or college, being accused of cheating is serious. You could end up receiving an F in class or worse, suspended or expelled. What should you do if you are accused of cheating on a test? Read on for tips from a lawyer for students.

What should I say to the teacher who accused me of cheating?

What you should say depends on what information the teacher has to support their accusation. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did anyone see you cheat or do something that looked like cheating?
  2. Is another student behind the cheating accusation?
  3. Did you text or email anyone about cheating?
  4. Is the teacher using your test and the test of another student that has similarities?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to get more information about what the evidence actually shows.

I got the evidence that the teacher is using to say I cheated, now what?

Once you get the evidence, you need to figure out what consequence you will receive if they want to hold you responsible. You then need to think if the punishment is something you are willing to live with or if it is failing the class or being up for suspension or expulsion. If you are facing the latter, you must fight the accusation of cheating.

The teacher is requesting that the school suspends or expel me, what happens next?

Students who are facing suspension or expulsion from school for cheating must have a disciplinary hearing. This is where the student gets the opportunity to defend themselves against the accusation. You should be prepared to argue your side of the issue and rebut the evidence the teacher is using.

Advice from a lawyer for students

I strongly recommend hiring a lawyer experienced with defending student accused of cheating. A student defense lawyer can anticipate issues, create arguments, refute the teachers evidence and more. Having someone fighting alongside a student increases their chance of a successful outcome.

Can you help all students accused of academic misconduct?

Yes. I work with students in high schools and colleges all over the United States fight academic dishonesty accusations like cheating. Be careful of how long you take to start building your defense. Preparing for an academic hearing takes time and the process moves fast. The quicker you get a lawyer for students involved, the better your chance at success. Richard Asselta is an award-winning lawyer who defends students against academic dishonesty charges throughout the United States. Call Asselta Law today for a free consultation and start building your defense today.855-338-5299 Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard Asselta on AVVO, a lawyer review website.