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What should a teacher do if they are facing a Department of Education (DOE) or District Investigation

| Mar 15, 2018

Teachers face challenges every day. They must meet the demands of the school, district and state as well as the individual needs of each student. While teachers strive to do their best, situations can come up that will put their teaching license at risk.

What type of issues can put a teaching license at risk?

Test Administration Issues

  • Being accused of not following the standardized testing rules according the state.
  • Being accused of violating the college board test administration rules for the advanced placement exams or SAT, PSAT, or ACT.

Unprofessional Behavior

  • Accused of using alcohol or drugs or making inappropriate comments to students.

Conduct Issues

  • Accused of assaulting or having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Failure to self-report to the Department of Education

  • Not reporting arrests for a criminal charge or arrest.

What can happen if I am facing teaching license discipline?

Reassignment to an out of school position – While an investigation is conducted, the district will employ you until they complete it. You will remain with the district so long as it is not within your 90-day probationary contract window. If you are still within your 90-day probation, they can ask you to leave with no reason for the termination.Department of Education (DOE) Investigation – school districts are required to report all incidents to the DOE. Even if an investigation is concluded and the district finds no wrongdoing, the DOE can still open an investigation. This could put your teaching license at risk.

What if I just resign and go to another school or district?

That may stop the district from questioning, reassigning and then possibly firing you. However, even if you stop the district investigation, the district will still report the incident to the DOE.

What will happen when the DOE investigates?

  1. The DOE will take your file and reports regarding the incident from the school district.
  2. They will investigate the incident.
  3. They will formally file charges against your teaching license.

If you receive a letter of investigation from the DOE, I strongly recommend hiring an education lawyer who defends teachers. A great education lawyer will begin defending a teacher from the first notice of investigation. If you hire the right teacher defense lawyer, they will begin documenting your side of the story and communicating it with the DOE. This could impact the direction of the DOE investigation and lead to a better outcome for the teacher.Richard Asselta is an award-winning teacher defense lawyer. He is experienced in defending all types of teacher disciplinary and misconduct issues including district based and state department of education teacher disciplinary action. Call The Education Lawyers today for a free consultation. Protect your teaching license and professional future.855-338-5299