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Is a Teacher Assistant (TA) accusing you of cheating? Defense tips from a lawyer for college students.

| Mar 12, 2018

Did a Teacher Assistant (TA) proctor an exam and claim you were looking around the room or at your phone? Did a TA grade your assignment and accuse you of plagiarism? If so, you are among many other college students being accused of an academic integrity violation by a TA. So, what can you do to defend the accusation? Read on to learn more.

Does the TA have the authority to accuse a student of an academic integrity violation like cheating or plagiarism?

Yes. The TA is given the same authority as the professor. While the TA cannot file the academic integrity paperwork against the student, the TA will work with the professor to make a witness statement.

I did not do what the TA is accusing me of. What can I do?

The TA may be making an assumption based off of what they think they saw in class, reports from other students, or an assignment that appears similar to another. This does not mean that they are always right. TA’s may be misinterpreting body language as cheating, taking reports from students that thought you were cheating, or made mistakes while grading. It is the job of the professor to investigate the TA’s claim further before filing charges with the academic integrity office.

I tried talking to my professor and they won’t change their mind. How do I defend an academic integrity charge?

The defense strategy depends on what the TA is accusing you of doing. I recommend that all students start with the following:

  1. Get a copy of the school handbook and find the disciplinary procedure section.
  2. Figure out what the academic integrity process is and what steps are in the process.
  3. Educate yourself about possible academic sanctions related to the charge in the academic integrity violation charging letter.
  4. Fully review all available options for defending the charge. This could include a written defense statement, appearing before an academic integrity hearing panel, and appealing a sanction if found responsible.

Can a lawyer for college students help students defend against an academic integrity charge?

Yes. I assist students all over the US defend against academic integrity charges that start with a TA accusation. Each student’s situation is unique, and my defense strategy depends on the situation. As a lawyer who represents college students, my expertise in the academic integrity disciplinary process gives each student the best chance for success.

Can you help all college students?

Yes. I help students all over the country fight accusations of academic integrity charges that start with a TA accusation. By working together to craft the best defense possible, you will be given the greatest chance at success. I also attend hearings with students to support them during this very stressful event. Typically, a panel of students and staff will question the student. The presence of a lawyer for college students will help the student keep calm and refute accusations while keeping the hearing fair and honest.

You only get one chance at success. Make it your best.

Richard Asselta is an award-winning lawyer for college students who offers student defense services to students throughout the United States. He is experienced in defending all types of student disciplinary issues including all academic integrity violation charges. Call The Education Lawyers today for a free consultation and protect your future. 855-338-5299 Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard Asselta on AVVO, a lawyer review website.