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How to write an appeal for an unapproved leave of absence from school – Tips from a lawyer for college students

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2018

Students face all types of obstacles to success in school. In college, some of these challenges may require a student to submit a leave of absence request from classes. Although the reasons are genuine, a school can reject the students request. This leaves the student in a terrible position. Students who are suffering from other issues, are now facing failing classes and worse, dismissal from school. What can you do? Appeal the school’s decision to deny your request.

What is a leave of absence from school?

A leave of absence (LOA) from college is when a student decides for a variety of reasons to leave school for a period of time. These reasons could be personal, like a death in the family or illness. A LOA can also be granted for academic and even financial reasons.

How long can I request a LOA from college?

Students need to check their student handbook to find the answer to this question. Most schools grant a semester and up to one year for a LOA.

I was denied LOA from school, can I appeal?

Yes, most schools allow a student to appeal a denial of LOA from school. The appeal strategy depends on the situation and facts of each student. Generally speaking, students should do the following:

  1. Students should access the school handbook and search for the leave of absence procedure section.
  2. Figure out what the leave of absence appeal process is and identify the appeal timeline.
  3. Identify the steps in the appeal process.
  4. Students should also fully review all available options including not only written appeals, but in person meetings with school staff.

If you cannot locate this information then send an email, not call, an administrator requesting this information.

Can a lawyer for college students write my appeal?

Yes. I assist students all over the write appeals. Each student’s situation is unique, and my defense strategy depends on the situation. As a lawyer who represents college students, my expertise in the college appeal process gives each student the best chance for success.

Can you help all college students?855-338-5299

Yes. I help students all over the country write appeals of all types. By working together to craft the best defense possible, you will be given the greatest chance at success. I also attend meetings and hearings with students to support them during this very stressful process. The presence of a lawyer for college students will help the student keep calm and make the best case possible. Give me a call today. I offer free consultations and fair prices to help students in all education settings.  Richard Asselta is an award-winning education lawyer offering student advising services nationally. Call today for a free consultation and see how The Education Lawyers will fight for you. Click hereto read what clients are saying about Richard Asselta on AVVO, a lawyer review website.