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How to write a successful academic appeal. Tips from a lawyer for college students.

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018

If you are reading this, chances are you have been found responsible or guilty of academic misconduct. Being found responsible for academic cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration or another infraction can have long lasting consequences. If you are found guilty, I always advise that students appeal the decision.

What is an academic appeal?

An academic appeal is a student’s last chance at overturning a guilty decision from a previous academic hearing or dispute. Appeals give students a final chance at appealing to other objective university staff based on certain criteria.

What criteria needs to be met for an academic appeal?

Each school is different and the criteria for an academic appeal is found in your student handbook. The criteria can be very limiting. Since it is so limiting, I advise students to consult with a student appeal lawyer to draft the academic appeal.

What should be included in the academic appeal?

The answer to this is – it depends. If you attend a school that has a broad appeal rules, then you can raise any issues you feel are important. If you have very limited criteria, like new information or procedural violations, then that is all you can include. Too often, students disregard these guidelines and submit emotional pleas. While it is important for the school to know you are sorry, this does not meet the criteria. If this happens, it is an automatic denial of your academic appeal.

Can you help me write my academic appeal?

Yes. I write academic appeals for students all over the country. By working together to craft the best defense possible, you will be given the greatest chance at success.Give me a call today. I offer free consultations and fair prices to help students keep their record clean and stop a suspension or expulsion from school.855-338-5299 Richard Asselta is an award-winning education lawyer offering student advising services nationally. Call today for a free consultation and see how The Education Lawyers will fight for you. Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard Asselta on AVVO, a lawyer review website.