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Academic Dismissal from College

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017

You got accepted into college and have spent countless hours committed to earning your degree. However, you fell just short of a GPA or test requirement and are now facing academic dismissal from school.

What can you do if you are faced with academic dismissal?

My first recommendation is to hire an education lawyer experienced in helping students navigate academic dismissal procedures. Just because a dismissal recommendation is made, does not mean it has to happen.Students facing academic dismissal will have the opportunity to appeal the recommendation. This appeal cannot be just one paragraph full of promises to do better or try harder. The appeal must make a strong impact, so strong, that the school gives the student a second chance.

What types of points should be made in an academic dismissal appeal?

When I write academic dismissal appeals for students, I pick apart the school’s handbook and the student’s academic record. I look for anything that can be used to make an argument in the students favor.Most importantly, I work with students to proactively develop a plan for how they will do things differently if given a second opportunity and what will change. It just isn’t enough to say you will try harder, you must spell out how.

So is there a chance to win an academic dismissal appeal?

My answer: yes. There is always a chance. The chance of success, however, depends on the student’s particular situation and the facts surrounding the dismissal recommendation. It also depends on the strength of the academic dismissal appeal.

You typically get only one chance at success. Make it the best you can.

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