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Facing dismissal from college due to grades or GPA? Education Lawyer Advice

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2017

Students accumulate huge amounts of debt paying for college tuition. Students work hard in school and strive to achieve the best grades they can. However, sometimes students fall short. If you fail a college class or end up with a low GPA, a college can dismiss a student. What can you do if you are being dismissed from college for a failing grade or low GPA?

Are you a student who is failing a class for the first time and facing dismissal from your program?

Students can face dismissal from school even if it is the first time they failed a class. Some college programs have strict guidelines on grades and GPA. If a student does not meet the requirements, then a college can dismiss a student.

Did you file a grade appeal and have your request denied – Now you are facing dismissal from college?

If you disputed the course grade and were denied, colleges can move to dismiss a student. Especially if the disputed grade or resulting GPA violates their academic policies. Grade appeal decisions are final and not open to further appeal beyond the outlined procedure in the school handbook.

Are you a student with medical or special education exceptions facing dismissal?

A college can provide students with medical exceptions and special education accommodations. So what happens if a college moves to dismiss a student with these exceptions or accommodations? Colleges do not leave medical or special education accommodations open-ended. This means that students receiving accommodations must still meet a standard that is set forth. If they cannot meet the grade or GPA requirements set, then a school can dismiss a student receiving accommodations.

Is there hope for students who are facing dismissal from college due to a grade or GPA issue?

Maybe. Each individual college has their own procedure for appealing a dismissal. You must check your handbook policies and procedures to determine if you can appeal a dismissal recommendation.

An Education Lawyer’s recommendation

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