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Standing Up for Teachers Facing Discipline

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2016

Asselta Law believes that teaching is a noble profession. Teachers mold the minds of our young people with a vision of creating a better future through them. Although most teachers strive to be great educators and work tirelessly for our children, they may at times make mistakes. Mistakes that lead to being fired from their school and facing a Department of Education (DOE) investigation with the possibility of losing their teaching license. The ways that schools handle discipline and misconduct violations is a hot topic. Some school administrators have little experience and make huge mistakes when filing disciplinary charges. Other more experienced administrators understand the necessity of retaining good teachers. These seasoned administrators seem to believe in remediation and retention. With the goal of helping school administrators make better teacher disciplinary and misconduct decisions, Asselta Law takes action.

Standing up for teachers facing discipline or misconduct.

Richard Asselta of Asselta Law had the pleasure of giving a presentation to a group of superintendents, and other school administrators at the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) National Conference in Orlando, Florida. He was invited to speak about teacher misconduct and the importance of retaining good teachers, even if they made a mistake. Mr. Asselta’s presentation focused on the school based problems that tend to pit teachers in struggles with administration. This typically occurs when administration does not follow policy and procedure. The presentation also focused on how schools can retain good teachers after they make a mistake.The presentation was well received and many attendees were in agreement that changes must be made at the school level to create a supportive environment for teachers. Mr. Asselta hopes that this presentation impacts the way teacher misconduct and teacher discipline is handled in their respective districts.Richard Asselta is an award-winning education lawyer and teacher defense attorney. Richard is experience in defending teacher misconduct, teacher disciplinary hearings and matters before the Florida Department of Education and New Jersey Department of Education. Call The Education Lawyers today and we will fight to protect your license855-338-5299