Petition for Writ of Mand…

Petition for Writ of Mandamus

Petition for Writ of Mand…

A writ of mandamus is a petition that is filed in either the district court of appeal or a circuit court which asks the court to compel a lower tribunal or government official to perform a nondiscretionary, ministerial act required by law, which the lower tribunal or official has refused or failed to do. State university or college officials fall under this category. So if a college or university fails or refuses to carry out a clear duty, you may have grounds for a writ of mandamus. Although there is no time requirement for filing a petition for writ of mandamus, courts will deny the petition if the petitioner unreasonably delays in seeking relief. Call today for a free consultation to assess whether a Writ of Mandamus is an option for you. (855) 338-5299

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