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What should a Florida teacher do if accused of FSA or EOC test administration misconduct?

's Profile Image Florida teachers are often required to help administer FSA or EOC tests. Administering these tests can put a teacher at risk if they aren’t careful.  What types of issues could cause a teacher to face accusations of test misconduct? Giving too much or too little time Helping students outside of what the test administration manual allows Pointing to answers Telling a student to check their answers What can happen to a teacher if accused of helping students on an FSA or EOC test? The Florida Department of Education takes these accusations seriously. Many teachers have been told they will face at a minimum a suspension. If you face an accusation of helping students on a standardized test, contact Asselta Law immediately. We are experienced in defending teachers at the district, state, and in administrative hearings. (855) 338-5299 Read More

What should a Florida teacher do if they face an investigation by the Department of Education?

's Profile Image What happens if a Florida teacher receives a letter from the Department of Education? If you received a letter from the DOE, chances are you have some idea what it is about. Most of the incidents originate at your district level. You may have been investigated by your school district and even faced disciplinary action. However, districts are required to report certain infractions to the state. Even though you may have settled the incident with your district, you may still face additional discipline from the state. What should a teacher do if the receive the DOE investigation letter? Call an defense attorney for teachers immediately. The DOE letter will request documents, statements, and more and want it all in a very short time frame. What the DOE does not tell you is that you can hire a lawyer to defend you.  This is your livelihood and your profession. Do not take a letter of investigation lightly. The sooner you get an attorney who defends teachers involved, the better your chance at a successful outcome.  Richard Asselta, award-winning attorney, defends Florida teachers at district, state, and administrative hearings. Call today for a free consultation and protect your career. (855) 338-5299   Read More

Is using a professors old course materials considered cheating?

's Profile Image You are in college there are pressures and you want to do the best you can. You are taking a course and talk to friends, maybe they had the professor last semester or you do online searches and find the professors old course materials. You then use these materials to study. Then test day comes and you notice the test is identical or almost exactly the same as what you studied from. You end up getting a very high score, much higher than the class average. The professor then calls you in for a meeting and accuses you of cheating. Is using a professors past course materials to study considered cheating? Maybe. It depends on your university. Does the university have a policy that using past materials against the rules, did the professor say anything in class or put anything in their syllabus that says this is not appropriate? There are many defenses to a cheating accusation and they depend on the facts of your case.  Are you accused of cheating in school? Contact Asselta Law today. We offer free consultations and defend students throughout the United States.  Richard Asselta is an award-winning defense attorney for students. He is experienced in helping students who are facing accusations of cheating in college.  Click here to read what clients are saying on AVVO, a lawyer review website. Read More

Should I bring an attorney as my adviser to an honor code hearing?

's Profile Image In a previous video I discussed what an academic integrity or honor code hearing is. In this video I am going to discuss the importance of bringing an adviser to the hearing. What is an adviser for academic integrity and honor code hearings? An adviser sits in with the student during the hearing and assists them in presenting their defense. Can I bring an adviser to my university honor code hearing? Maybe. That depends on your university. Check your student handbook for the rules regarding advisers. Most public schools allow advisers but private schools can restrict the attendance of an adviser.  How can an honor code hearing adviser help me? I see several benefits to the participation of an adviser in an academic integrity hearing. I help students prepare for the hearing, present their case, and support them during the hearing.  Richard Asselta, defense attorney for students, acts as an adviser for students who must face an academic integrity committee hearing. Do you need an adviser for an honor code hearing? Call Asselta Law today for help. We offer free consultations. (855) 338-5299   Read More

What is an academic integrity hearing? A defense lawyer for students answers.

's Profile Image Accused of an academic honor code violation and have to face a committee hearing? What should a student expect? A honor code committee hearing can be intimidating. The student will face a panel of students and professors who will decide if they are guilty of committing a violation of the honor code.  What should a student expect to happen at an academic hearing? A university student should be prepared to present their case against the charges. This involves asking and answering questions, presenting evidence, providing witnesses, and more. Can you help me prepare for my academic integrity hearing? Yes. I help students all over the US prepare their honor code violation defense. Call today for a free consultation. (855) 338-5299 Click here to read what clients are saying about Richard on AVVO, a lawyer review website.  Read More

What is a grade appeal? A lawyer for university students explains.

's Profile Image What is a grade appeal? When a student believes that they were not evaluated fairly by a professor, they can file a grade appeal or grade grievance.  How long do I have to appeal the grade? Check your student handbook and search for the grade appeal section. Most universities have time frames that student must meet. This means that you can’t wait until you get ready to graduate to dispute a grade.  What should I write about in a grade appeal? I recommend focusing on facts that support your appeal. Do not argue that you didn’t feel well or felt the professor didn’t teach you. You need to discuss issues surrounding rubrics, confusing or incorrect test questions, or syllabus errors. Can you help me write my grade grievance? Yes. I write student appeals, including grade disputes. Using my nearly 20 years of experience as an attorney combined with a unique knowledge of the student disciplinary process, I give students a successful edge.  Want to read more about grade appeals? Click here for a full blog post about the topic. Richard Asselta assists students in writing appeals in college. Call today for a free consultation. (855) 338-5299 Read More

How to write a student disciplinary appeal. Tips from an appeal lawyer.

's Profile Image What is a student appeal? A student appeal is the last chance a student has at avoid sanctions from their college. An appeal asks university staff, usually a dean or provost to look at the situation one last time. How fast do I have to write and submit my student appeal? Usually very quick. Every university is different so make sure you check your handbook for the timelines.  What should I write about in my student disciplinary appeal? That depends on your situation and what categories your university allows you to argue. The categories are typically: new information, policy or procedural violations, and harshness of sanction. These limited categories can make appeal writing a challenge. I write student appeals using my nearly twenty years as a lawyer combined with a specialized knowledge of the student disciplinary process. This gives students a edge. Call today for a free consultation. (855) 338-5299 Click here to read the full blog post on student disciplinary appeals.  Read More

What should a student do if they are accused of self-plagiarism in college? The answer from an attorney for students.

's Profile Image What is self-plagiarism? This is taking work that you have previously completed and turning it in to another class.  Do I need to cite myself? Yes. If you use a portion of your previous work, you must cite yourself. Can I submit my old paper for a new assignment, it is my original work? Not without the professors permission. I have worked with students from undergraduate programs to doctoral students who have reused their old work and ended up in trouble. Even if you think it is acceptable, I always recommend you ask the professor to be sure. What should I do if a professor accuses me of self-plagiarism? Read your student handbook – find out what the policy on submitting work twice is.  Check your handbook for the honor code or academic integrity policy. This will tell you what you may face in terms of sanctions. Call Asselta Law. We offer student defense adviser services throughout the United States. (855) 338-5299 Click here for the full blog post on self-plagiarism.    Read More

Accused of unauthorized collaboration in college? Defense tips from an attorney.

's Profile Image What is unauthorized collaboration? This is when a student works with another person or group without permission from the professor. What should a student do if accused of collaboration? Read your syllabus and think about what the professor told you or did not tell you about working with other students. Read your handbook. This is where you will find the answer to what will happen if the professor refers the matter to the academic integrity office. Are you facing an academic integrity committee hearing? Hire us to help you prepare. The better prepared you are for the hearing the better chance for success. Need to appeal a sanction? Call us. We write student appeals.  Richard Asselta is a defense attorney for university students who offers advisement services throughout the United States. Call today for a free consultation. (855) 338-5299 Read More

Accused of cheating in college? Top 3 tips from a defense attorney for students.

's Profile Image Students who are accused of cheating in college may feel pressured to try and resolve the issue quickly. Before doing that, read a defense attorney for students top 3 tips if you are accused of cheating. Be careful about what you say or write to university staff – Think before you speak. Does your defense make sense, is there any other information you should use to support your position. Read your student handbook – Look for the honor code of academic integrity section. This will outline the process you may face if a professor thinks you cheated. The university is not always your friend – anything you say or write in an attempt to make the situation go away may be used against you in an academic committee hearing.  Call Asselta Law today for a free consultation. We offer student defense advising services throughout the United States. (855) 338-5299 Read More

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