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Are you a school employee accused of failing to report abuse? Defense tips from a lawyer.

's Profile Image School employees face challenges every day. They work with students and build trusting relationships with them. There may be times that teachers or administrators suspect a child is being abused. There is an outlined process for reporting abuse and n… Read More

Accused of an academic integrity violation? Defense tips from a lawyer for students.

's Profile Image What is considered an academic integrity violation? Universities have different categories of academic integrity violations. The most common types include: Cheating Plagiarism Unauthorized Collaboration What should I do if accused of academic disho… Read More

Accused of helping students on an FSA or EOC test? Tips from a defense attorney for teachers.

's Profile Image Florida standardized tests like the FSA or EOC are most often proctored by teachers. What should a teacher do if they were accused of test administration misconduct? Read on for tips from a defense lawyer for teachers. What are some types of test adm… Read More

Accused of having someone do your coursework? An attorney for students discusses.

's Profile Image With the growth of online college courses, some students have turned to taking short cuts by using tutors to complete assignments, papers, or other coursework. A student shares their login information with the tutor and then this other person logs in… Read More

Accused of unauthorized collaboration on a lab? Tips from a defense attorney for students.

's Profile Image What is Unauthorized Collaboration? Many schools define unauthorized collaboration as working with another student, or any other person, to complete an assignment without the express permission of the professor. Unauthorized collaboration can apply… Read More

Top 3 ways students get in trouble for unauthorized collaboration.

's Profile Image What is Unauthorized Collaboration? Unauthorized collaboration is working with another person to complete an assignment without the permission of the professor or instructor. Top 3 ways students face a charge of unauthorized collaboration: 1. Did not… Read More

What documentation should you have for a Title IX case? A lawyer for students answers.

's Profile Image What is a Title IX violation? Title IX violations are wide ranging. Most cases I assist with involve harassment, stalking, and/or non-consensual sexual behavior. What types of documentation should I have in a Title IX case? You should save anything t… Read More

Accused of plagiarism after accidentally uploading a draft? Defense tips from an attorney for students.

's Profile Image One of the most common academic integrity charges that students face is plagiarism. Sometimes students turn in work that is incomplete or has incorrect citations because they accidentally uploaded a draft. What should a student do if they face this i… Read More

Accused of cheating after using an online study group or chat? Tips from a lawyer for students.

's Profile Image Online study groups or chats are terrific and are opportunity for many students to come together and share ideas and information. It is a wonderful tool, however, there are some potential dangers. Unauthorized collaboration or gaining an unfair acade… Read More

What should you do if your ACT score is flagged for irregularities? A defense lawyer for students answers.

's Profile Image What happens if I receive a letter that my ACT score is under review? You have three options: Cancel your ACT score Retest and score within a few points of the ACT score in question to validate. Send documentation and appeal to establish validity of… Read More

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