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I have always had a clearly posted no pets policy at my establishment. Do I still have to allow service animals in?

's Profile Image Yes, you do and the reason is because a service animal is not a pet. So while you don’t have to completely abandon your no pets policy, you do have to make exceptions for service animals. Read More

What can I do if a Florida breeder sold me a sick puppy?

's Profile Image Florida has what’s called a “Pet Lemon Law.” So, for an example, if you have a sick puppy, you would have 14 days from the date of purchase to return the dog for either illness, infectious or contagious disease. If you have been sol… Read More

What documentation do I need to provide to have an emotional support animal/assistance animal in Florida?

's Profile Image To have an emotional support animal, the first thing you should do is make a request to your landlord or housing provider. The request should be in writing, and you should explain why the animal will mitigate or help reduce the symptoms of your disab… Read More

What is an emotional support animal?

's Profile Image An emotional support animal is a companion animal that provides emotional support for somebody that has either a mental or psychiatric disability. An emotional support animal is a companion animal, it’s not a pet. Read More

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