We hired Mr. Asselta after having issues in our last semester in a very competitive program in college. We had a very limited time frame to get things done. Mr. Asselta is very through, fast at getting things done and he kept us up to date every step of the way. He was always honest, he never misled us. He worked on our case day and night. Overall, Mr. Asselta did a wonderful job. We are getting ready to go back to school and would not be able to do that without his help. Mr. Asselta worked very hard and exceeded our expectations. We would refer him to anyone needing legal help without hesitation.

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My husband and I recently hired Richard Asselta to represent us to our local school board. Our 13 yr. old daughter had been over zealously and inappropriately accused of a level IV offense. She was suspended from school for 10 days, and was facing expulsion. Time was limited, as an administrative hearing was fast approaching. Richard spent hours on the phone with us, making sure he had a full understanding of the situation. He then submitted a letter to the school board's legal team asking that the charges against our daughter be dismissed due to lack of evidence, procedural violations and unfair treatment. That's all it took. The letter was extremely well written and difficult to refute. As a result, we never had to attend an administrative hearing. The level IV offence was removed from our daughter's record and the days she was suspended were turned into excused absences. Obviously, we couldn't be happier with the results. My husband and I were getting nowhere before we hired Richard. I am certain that without his representation, our daughter's record would have been forever tarnished because of one small, unintentional mistake. I would highly recommend hiring Asselta Law to anyone facing similar circumstances. Thank you Richard!

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I was so lost when my school told me I could not return for classes in the spring. I had a ton of school loans and no other school would transfer my credits. I called a lot of lawyers and when I spoke to Richard I knew he could help me. He was a straight shooter and got right to the point. He laid out a plan of attack and stuck to it. The result was more than what I wanted. They let me back in and let me finish without owing more money!! I am so happy and recommend him if you ever have an issue with school.

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To be short, I was accused of cheating on an open-note exam with another student due to similarities in portions of some of our answers. As a result of this accusation, we were flagged as cheaters by the department and our academic standing changed from good to "warn."

It felt completely unfair and shocking to receive such a severe punishment considering my innocence of the accusation, and without proof on behalf of the professor.

I found Richard through extensive research online, and I cannot express my full gratitude to him in words. His efforts and work ethic to reassure me, yet provide me with realistic expectations and insightful perspective imbued every interaction I've had with him, starting with my initial phone call. He was incredibly punctual and prompt in his follow-up and phone calls with me, and assisted me every step of the way - which I needed, considering how stressful and dismayed I was as a result of this situation. I read all of the glowing reviews written online, but I always approach with caution, as I am aware of biases and skewed reviews. This is why I want to share that Richard is the real deal - a genuine, honest, and truly phenomenal lawyer & individual.

Richard even works through weekends and takes any spare moment to help students. His unrelenting work ethic never ceased to amaze me throughout my correspondence with him. I feel very lucky and thankful for all of the time and help he's invested in me - from the very moment I reached out to him. His prompt follow-up and reassurance- imbued with the realistic expectations during my initial shock and stress - very likely saved me from a breakdown, and also, saved my career & professional life.

Richard - your words of encouragement, realism, and thoughtful guidance meant the world to me and words don't give justice to the degree of gratitude I owe you.

There is no other lawyer as dedicated, compassionately invested, and considerate (and not to mention as brilliant & articulate) as Richard - and I've done my research - and I am so glad I found him.

I went into this with Richard's realistic expectations at hand - I had a 50/50 chance of overturning the wrongful decision and reinstating my innocence. And to my happiest surprise, the decision was overturned - I was overwhelmed by the joy and relief of finally restoring my standing and innocence in the face of the department. And without Richard's assistance, this never would have happened. I have never once regretted hiring Richard - and his help is priceless. Thank you so much again for everything!

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Richard Asselta did exactly what he said he was going to do. He told me that my situation was a 50/50 chance of going either way. However, with the professional letter he wrote, there was no way that I was going to lose the case. His letter was so powerful that the opposing side chose to change their mind and even gave me more then what I was asking for in the letter. This prevented a long legal battle and saved me thousands of dollars. He is the greatest lawyer I have ever come in contact with in my life. He puts the client first before the money that he could make. I will use Richard Asselta for all my needs that fall under his specialty. Thank you again Richard.

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