Academic and Disciplinary…

Academic and Disciplinary Misconduct Charges - Hearings & Appeals

Academic and Disciplinary…

Academic and Disciplinary Hearings and Appeals

College and graduate students can be brought before academic or professionalism committees for a number of reasons. Many times these reasons involve academic disputes or disciplinary charges.

Attorney Richard Asselta draws on his nearly 20 years of experience as a trial and appellate attorney to assist you in your academic and disciplinary hearing or appeal throughout the United States.

Richard Asselta has handled cases of academic or disciplinary disputes and appeals involving:

  • Accusations of plagiarism and cheating, honor code and golden rule violations
  • Unsatisfactory internship reviews
  • Accusations of unfair treatment by students against teachers or professors
  • Computer crimes by students accused of “hacking” into school computers
  • Accusations of stalking and harassment
  • Dismissals based on failing grades or failing clinical assignments
  • Dismissals based on missing dissertation deadlines
  • and more...

Students have a right to appeal these matters. It is important to have a knowledgeable attorney adviser on your side to defend yourself. There are very strict and very short time periods in which to elect to defend yourself or appeal an adverse academic or disciplinary ruling. Contact education and school law adviser Richard Asselta immediately to preserve and protect your rights and reputation.

Richard Asselta provides adviser representation for student driven hearing and appeals to clients throughout the United States. Call today for a free consultation. (855) 338-5299

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